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Easy to understand Pricing

The basic price structure is an easy to understand flat rate of $76.50 per payday per month regardless of the number of paydays in a month. In other words, the base price for up to five employees for a monthly payroll would be $76.50. For semi-monthly payroll (two paydays per month) the base monthly cost is $153.00 for up to five employees. As I said, this basic price covers up to five employees. Each additional employee adds $1.13 per pay-cycle.

We also offer an online time tracking feature which allows employees to enter their time on their computer or a central "time clock" computer. When their manager approves their time online it feeds directly into our payroll system eliminating the risk of error from re-entering the time. If you choose to add this service the cost is  $2.00 per employee per month.

This is the only cost. There is no additional fee for monthly I.R.S. 941 deposits; no extra fee for quarterly state Employment Security or L&I tax filings, and no charge for the e-filing the quarterly federal 941 tax return. And at the end of the year we send out the W2s (and 1099s for your contractors we pay through payroll) also at no charge. The only time you might get hit with a little extra bill is if after a payroll is run you want to change something and re-run someone's check we would charge a very low hourly  rate of $55 per hour service charge.

You can request a firm "no hassle and no obligation" quote for you specific needs by following the link below and answering a few questions.