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Our Mission

Our mission is to make full service professional payroll processing available and affordable to even the smallest business. Business owners need to use their limited time providing great customer service and providing the goods and services they built their business on. That means they have to be able to hire the staff they need without the stress and worry of tax compliance or the risk of missing deposit deadlines that can cost them needless penalties and fines. And, they should be able to get the needed service without paying the high cost charged by the large national payroll processing firms. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their business goals by helping them hire the workforce they need to achieve it without risk or worry.

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Out source your payroll

Are you stressed out by the hassle of paying your employees, making federal 941 deposits, figuring out and paying state payroll taxes, tracking vacation and sick leave, managing the voluntary deductions and all the other details that go along with managing payroll?  Why not turn it all over to a payroll professional?  Has the business you started at your kitchen table taken off and now you need to add an employee or two and you're afraid of the added work and responsibility? Now is the time to take a look at what we have to offer:

  • Three pay method options:
    1. We provide you with live checks printed on our check stock drawn on your payroll account. You sign and distribute.
    2. We deposit your employees pay directly into their bank account and provide a paystub voucher which you distribute.
    3. We provide only paystub vouchers (printed on plain paper),  you hand write the pay checks yourself.
  • We provide all the payroll reports you want. And provide help with journal entries if you need it. Or the journal entries can be exported directly into QuickBooks  and other accounting applications.
  • We submit your 941 tax deposits electronically for you online. Or, provide the calculations for you to do it.
  • We prepare all quarterly tax filings and e-file them for you or prepare the worksheets and you can  pay and file.
  • We print and distribute W2s and 1099misc documents at year end. 

Start using Puget Sound Paychecks, llc now. You will be delighted with the services.

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