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Joseph Labrum, cda, ctrp

Joe Labrum has owned and operated Puget Sound Paychecks, LLC in Port Orchard since 2012. He launched this and the partner tax and accounting business, Labrum Accounting and Tax, LLC after a twenty plus year career in corporate accounting in Seattle.

Joe’s mission in founding Puget Sound Paychecks has always been to make full service professional payroll processing affordable to even the smallest firms. He believes that business owners need to use their limited time providing the goods and services they built their business on. To do that they have to be able to hire the staff they need without the stress and worry of tax compliance or the risk of missing deposit deadlines that can cost them needless penalties and fines. By providing this service, Joe Labrum feels he is helping the community prosper by encouraging businesses to feel comfortable adding staff thereby providing jobs in our community adding to the prosperity for all. Prosperity for everyone in our community is, after all, what we strive for

Joe earned a BA from the University of Washington. His certifications include;  QuickBooks Pro Adviser, Sage professional accountants network member, Certified tax return preparer and efile originator (with the IRS).



Puget Sound Paychecks, LLC

Since opening our doors we have been responsible for the payroll needs of firms with as few as one or two employees to as many as 50. For some we provide direct deposit to the employee's bank account and others we issue  live checks. There are some that prefer to hand write the checks. For those we provide professional check-stubs. In addition we provide a full range of reports, state and federal tax filing and W2s at no extra charge. Since starting Puget Sound Paychecks, LLC in 2012, we have offered our clients the added advantage of being local and available to answer questions quickly without working your way through a complicated telephone menu to finally talk to a live person. We provide close personal service that you can rely on. 

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